Reception Desk





Administration Team

Bridge Clinic staff are trained to assist patients (either by phone or in person) with their appointments, accounts and other enquiries regarding their visits to our clinics.
Staff will be able to advise of doctor availability, costs of visits, Medicare matters and specialists visits.
Patients are asked to present their Medicare card and any other concession card (Healthcare, pension, DVA) each time they check in for an appointment or visit to the emergency doctor.
Administration staff also process accounts for hospital and Workcover claims, follow up outstanding private and company accounts, book patients for procedures and medicals, roster GP time and room allocation, pay accounts and salaries, send and reconcile online Medicare and DVA claims and provide support for visiting specialists.
The administration team attend training and development sessions to update their customer service skills, telephone techniques, dealing with difficult situations, privacy and health information, dealing with people with disabilities, understanding cultural needs and other sessions that help them better serve customers.